Touching You

I like to sleep with my hand touching you throughout the whole night;
I know you say it makes you too warm, but it lets me know that you’re alright;
It assures me you are breathing and still there by my side,
The other thing it does to me, under the covers I can hide.

It’s not a signal that I am amorous; I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable in any way;
It is really just for some security that on you my hand does lay.
I’ll admit that your soft, smooth skin to me feels really fine,
And, I would not be a bit put off if you also touched me back in kind.

I like to sleep with my hand touching you throughout the whole night;
I’ll keep it in a neutral spot until the morning light;
When we wake up in the morning I certainly understand
It is no sign of warning, if you move out from beneath my hand.


The Summer of Seventy-Seven

During the Summer I discovered rock and roll
I lost my virginity to Billy Joel;
Listening to “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”
You served me the dish I really did want.

While he waved to Brenda and Eddie goodbye
I was kissing your breasts and caressing your thigh,
It felt so good I wanted to cry,
I didn’t last long – but, boy did I try.

Now when my radio serves up that song,
I think back on those days that are gone
My first trip up the Stairway to Heaven
During the dog days of summer in Seventy-Seven.

With your father at work and your mother not home
We played both sides of “The Stranger” when we were alone;
I could tell that you loved me, by that look in your eye;
What made me a little crazy was, I didn’t know why.

When that summer finally came to an end,
I headed off to college and was lonely again,
You kept the album and a piece of my soul,
But I get a little back when I hear Billy Joel.

His Smile

His smile was my security blanket,
Though never enough did ever I thank it;
His love was the umbrella which kept me comfortably dry
When dark clouds of life, rain upon me, would try.

His hugs rejuvenated me with the energy of a child;
His admonishments, when warranted, were effectively mild;
His kindness was given in quantities overflowing;
His effervescent love for life was constantly showing.

I never felt abandoned or ever alone,
As long as his existence to me was known;
No matter how many miles away I had flown,
His prideful eyes always welcomed me home.

Now, I must bid him a final “goodbye”;
I promised I’d stay strong and try not to cry;
My father to Our Father has transitioned today,
But, in my heart, my Daddy, always will stay.

Tears of Joy

I cried when you said, “I do”;
I cried when the two lines turned blue:
I cried when your water broke;
When our child arrived, I cried and choked.

I cried when her first steps were made;
I cried on her first grade school day;
I cried when she wore a gap and gown;
When she left for college, I wore a frown.

I cried walking her down the aisle;
Through my tears, I could see her smile;
I cried when she made me a Grandfather;
You wiped my tears; I said, “why bother?”

I cried when they told me my end was near;
I cried when I heard, “Daddy, I’m here”;
I want to thank you for all my tears,
I cried from joy throughout the years.

A Child of Mine

I have seen the beauty of a new sunrise,
The beauty in her deep blue eyes;
The beauty of peace here on Earth,
The beauty of my new child’s birth.

I have heard the beauty of a diva’s song,
The beauty of words spoken strong;
The beauty of a mockingbird,
The beauty of my child’s first word.

I have felt the beauty of a strong heartbeat,
The beauty if sand beneath my feet,
The beauty of a new dawn mist,
The beauty of my sweet child’s kiss.

Of all the beauty that I’ve ever seen,
From first to last and in between;
Of all the beauty that I’ve ever heard,
Either spoken or read from written word;
Of all the beauty that I’ve ever felt,
From all the hands that I’ve been dealt;
No beauty will I ever find,
More beautiful than a child of mine.

You Are Not Invisible

I want you to know that you are not invisible,
Though I may not see the you you think I see;
What you may think time has so cleverly disguised,
I still visualize clearly;
What you consider to be disfiguring flaws,
Simply adds to your natural beauty;
You might think you have nothing to offer at all,
Which only enhances your honest sexuality.

You may not have noticed me noticing,
But, I give you more than a sideways glance;
I would peer deeper into that beautiful soul of yours
If only given more than half a chance.
I want you to know that you are not invisible,
Though, at times, it may seem to be;
And, I am sure you are seen by much more desirable men,
Than simple ole silly me.