Advice for those Awkward Years

If I could converse with my sixteen year old self,
I would encourage him to ask you out;
Not that I ever thought you might ever say, “Yes”,
But I think it might help him to remove all doubt.

At sixteen I had no confidence;
Was running low on self-esteem,
Advice to go out and grow a pair,
Might have been helpful, if not a little bit mean.

Your beauty really intimidated him;
You were out of his league, or so it seems;
I would tell him, “Every boy is probably afraid to ask her out,
Your courage might be the answer to her dreams.”

She might say “no”, if you ask her,
But, she certainly won’t say “yes” if you don’t
And, the other girls will see you differently,
Ignore you any longer, I bet they won’t.

If I could converse with my sixteen year old self,
It might embarrass him and fall on deaf ears,
But it might also be the sage advice,
That helps him get by easier in those awkward years.


That’s Just How This Life Goes

I sat in a bar at the airport
After they finally cancelled my postponed flight;
I was re-ticketed for the morning,
But, had nowhere to spend the night;
My bags had been checked in,
Where they were no one seemed to know;
The waitress spilled her tray on me,
I didn’t have a change of clothes.
The interview hadn’t gone well,
I still needed to find another job;
My esteem and dignity were long gone,
It felt like they had both been robbed.
A tear escaped from my blurry eyes
Slowly rolling down the five o’clock shadow on my cheek;
I knew I shouldn’t feel so damned defeated
But my situation sure was bleak.

Where does an atheist turn to
When your only hope is to say a prayer?
That’s when the barmaid said, “How are you doing, Pal?
You sure look like you’re in a deep despair.”
So, I told her my sob story,
Sowing in a few more woes;
She said, “I sure am sorry,
But, sometimes that’s just how this life goes.”

She said, “I’m off in an hour,
And, I have a bedroom that I can spare;
Just as long as you understand,
This doesn’t go anywhere else from there.”
I said, “I sure could use a shower,
Maybe a washer and dryer, too;
And, I assure you, for your kindness,
I will not be a burden at all to you.
I will not read into this anything more,
Than the extreme kindness of a stranger;
To have me think you’re offering anything more,
I assure you, there is no danger.”

It turns out we really hit it off,
We were good friends within an hour;
By the time I got around to it,
She joined me in a nice hot shower.
I didn’t use that spare bedroom
In the morning I had clean and dried clothes,
Bad days, I guess, can turn out right,
Sometimes, that’s just how this life goes.

I didn’t get the job I went there for,
But, I ended up with so much more;
I knew that in the morning,
When I silently crept out of her door;
Uber took me to the airport
Where I caught my flight back home,
Living in my small apartment,
Never before had I felt so all alone.
Can we maintain a long distance relationship,
Neither one of us really honestly knows,
But, we are going to give it our best shot,
And are willing to see just how this life goes.

Eradicate the Hate

The world has worked together to eradicate some diseases;
Polio is next on the list, Yes, thank you, Lord Jesus;
But, some ailments infect the soul,
Elimination of these, too, should be our goal;
It’s not too late to eradicate the hate.

Hate is a contagion which spreads through our unhealthy fears;
It has intensified its affect in recent years;
Some have used it to get elected,
Not really caring who they infected;
But, it’s not too late to eradicate the hate.

Love is not the only reliable known cure;
Education and tolerance can help combat this pandemic, that’s for sure;
Don’t let hate infect your mind,
Instead, just try being kind;
It’s not too late to eradicate the hate.

Great Lovers

The true measure of a great lover is not in the number of maidens he conquers;
It is in the intensity of the one true love which endures;
It is not the variety of the flowers stuck in his carnal bouquets;
It is in the magnificence of the health and beauty in the bloom of the blossom that stays.

A great lover has not many notches etched into his bedpost;
He has magnified the return of passion from the one love he desires the most.
I am not a great lover because I’ve left a long string of women nursing broken hearts;
But, because the love I share with you today is more powerful than what we shared at the start.


Everybody has a backstory
Which helped mold them into whom they are;
Some are bathed in glory;
Some only left a scar.

There may be valid reasons for displayed anger,
However, misdirected it might be;
Before passing judgement and responding in-kind to that stranger,
Be sympathetic to their mystery.

We are all shaped by our experiences,
Which should come as no surprise;
Easily explaining behavioral differences
Unfolding before our eyes.

Until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes,
Or have taken the time to understand;
Don’t simply brush them off as just bad news,
Pull them up with a helping hand.

Everybody has a backstory;
You have yours and I have mine;
If you dig deep into your memory,
I will listen to what you find.

My Mother Raised a Lover

My mother raised a lover
Who my daddy taught how to fight;
You must have compassion for one another,
But, stand up for what is right.

Always confront the bullies,
No matter be their size,
Block their paths to friends and neighbors,
And look them straight into the eyes.

You should love indiscriminately,
Even love the bully, if you can;
To show your love definitively,
Help them to be a better man.

Even when they yield great power,
Don’t be overcome by their hate;
Trust your instincts as a lover,
Better today than a bit too late.

A bully is a bully,
No matter how popular they become;
But, for a lover to become a lover,
You must have love for everyone.


When our soldiers come home after fighting in a foreign war,
Sometimes they are no longer, the young people they were before;
The traumas they experienced can naturally lead to stress,
But to call it a disorder just adds more confusion to the mess.
They need our understanding to help give their lives some new meaning,
So to all of our soldiers coming home we must give Permission To Start Dreaming

Post-Traumatic Stress should not be stigmatized;
These men and women are heroes in all of our grateful eyes;
We shouldn’t label them disordered with a diagnosis sounding somewhat demeaning,
Instead they should get from us, Permission To Start Dreaming.

We should welcome returning soldiers with smiles and opened arms,
Provide patience and understanding without overreacting with alarm;
Be there when they need us; provide a shoulder for their leaning,
Let them stand at ease and grant them Permission To Start Dreaming.

You have
Make them big and make them proud
You have
Shout your hopes and shout them loud
With every dream that you dream, let us help you reach your goal,
If we all dream together we all achieve a healthy soul.