Human Beings Being Human

It would be great if human beings
Were great at being human
And if all of mankind
Were made up of kind men
It would be wonderful if common knowledge
Was knowledge commonly known
And if the light from being enlightened
Into every heart was shown

It would be fantastic if the war to end all wars
Was the last war that we fought
It would be amazing if we learned the lessons
From every lesson we were taught
It would be cool if our freedom
To us was freely granted
And if every seed of kindness
Would grow wherever planted

It would be glorious if neighbors were neighborly
And prejudice a forgotten word
It would be awesome if we shared everything
And being greedy was absurd
It would be spectacular if the golden rule
Was golden to every man
And the good things that we ever did
Was everything that we can


33 thoughts on “Human Beings Being Human

  1. It’s a beautiful and moving piece Joe. Prepare to be famous now that the Marriott commercial has hit the airwaves. Know that your words will resonate with millions of people across the country. Thank you for sharing your poetry.

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    • Thanks, Drew. Not sure too many people will discover who the author of the poem from the commercial is, but thanks for finding me and leaving a comment. That feels good, as well. As for fame? Maybe some other day. For now I will just wallow in the joy of seeing that commercial every now and then.


      • Joe, I am here because moments ago I heard the commercial had look it up. Beautiful. The world needs a message like what you delivered. Thanks. Mike

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      • Mike, thanks for the kind words; I am flattered that you researched to find me and honored you took the time to leave a message.


      • Hi Joe, Hello from Ohio. I just saw the Marriott ad and was so moved by your words, I had to look you up. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and beautiful poem.


      • Thank you for your kind words. I am amazed at the internet skills of so many people. There aren’t that many clues in the commercial, the fact that people end up here surprises (and, delights) me.


  2. Hearing the words of the Marriott commercial caused me to hit pause and use Google to find the source. Did you collaborate with them on the edits? Thank you for sharing your poetry with the world!


    • Hi, Lee,
      Thanks for tracking me down and leaving a comment. Yes, I did work with the advertising company’s creative team on the minor word changes; they wanted it to be gender unbiased and to remove the negative connotation of the word “prejudice”. I was fine with that; I just really wanted to see the commercial made with my poem. I am very pleased with the final product. I think they did a great job.

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      • It sounds like a terrific collaboration and a wonderful overall experience. The commercial is visually beautiful and enhances the power of your words. Congratulations! Thank you for touching our hearts.

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    • Thanks, Jane. I am humbled by the response this commercial and my poem is receiving. I am amazed by the people who invest their time and effort to find me. I was shocked when the advertising agency reached out to me and have enjoyed the journey of getting this commercial completed.


  3. Hi, Mr. Flach.

    I’m a high school student and currently working on a small sculpture for an assignment. The sculpture is talking about how “Equality is in reach”. I was wondering if on the base I could carve “‘…And if all of mankind Were made up of kind men’ -J. Flach” ?

    If you’d like more details I could send an email.


    • Hi, Robert. That would be fantastic. Good luck with your project. If, when done, you wouldn’t mind sharing a picture of it with me, I would love to see it. Stay creative, young man,


  4. Hey Joe,

    Like many others here, I heard your poem as part of the ad and both my wife and myself thought that had to be something that was not just written for the ad. On researching it I was very pleased to find your website.

    This piece just sums up so many things that should be “knowledge commonly known” and attitudes commonly held. We both love it. We think it’s fantastic and we both thank you for bringing this into the world.

    More people need to read this. I’ll be sending a few folks along to your site. 🙂


    • Thanks for investing your time to leave such a lovely comment here. I appreciate the kind words and am glad you and your bride liked the poem. And thanks for the publicity in sharing this with others.


  5. Amazing, I turely hope that God can put that in the hearts and minds of ALL that don’t always feel that way.. I’m a minister and try to convay that to ALL…
    No matter what challenges we face. WE all need to be positive, and realize that we’re ALL put here to help one another and be there for each other. NO MATTER who they are.


  6. Way to go Joe. As a Marriott manager, I was looking for something inspirational to share with the team. Came across this poem and somehow landed on your page. Great poem, will read to my team and give you all the glory. Take Care!


  7. If only…
    I wish this could be plastered across the sky, so all can be reminded everyday.
    Thank you for putting into words these wonderful thoughts.


    • Thanks, Linda for investing your time to post such a nice comment. I truly appreciate it. These words are slowly being spread around and reaching more eyes. Hopefully, for some, the words give meaning, hope and resolve to be more humane. Have a great day.


    • What a kind and beautiful thing to say, Akhasha. Thank you for your comment. You just put a smile in my heart. I am honored you like my poem.


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