Pebbles of Love

That wall you build with stones of hatred,
We will chip away with pebbles of love;
No matter how tall you stack fear upon fear
Courageous hope will always rise high above.

Bullies can bully a single lamb,
But not a flock that together do stand;
Insults thrown to tear others down,
Among the united never will land.

So, tweet and call names; say whatever you will;
Rally with others whose anger you share;
But, know that around every corner you peek,
United in diversity, peace and love will be there.


A Piece of My Song

Mourn not for me once my life has ended,
Rather, celebrate that we had fondly befriended;
If tears are shed from thoughts of me,
Let them be caused from laughing hysterically.

Honor me not through the smell of incense smoke,
But by repeating to a friend a favorite joke;
Remember a moment that together we shared;
A special time in your life, when I was happily there.

Know that the secret you asked me forever to hold
Even up to that day has never been told;
Know I enjoyed walking this earth right here beside you,
Even if only for a short moment or two.

No, mourn not for me once I have passed on,
But pass on to others a piece of my song.

You Always Remember

Although she never said the words,
I could recognize,
By the language of her body,
The expression in her eyes;
Our romance had concluded,
This was the end of our love song;
The girl who made a man of me
Was ready to move on.

I would not beg her to stay with me
Or give her grief for parting ways;
I would not punish her for teaching me
How adults like to play;
I let her slip back on the mask
Of being just a friend,
Returning to my empty bed
No longer a virgin.

Time would heal the scars she left;
Our paths would part eventually;
Future lovers would reap the benefits
Of the lessons that she had taught to me.
I have since found the girl who owns my heart;
The right mate for my inner soul,
But the girl who made a man of me
Is a memory I won’t let go.

The News

Every time I turn on the news,
I am saddened by stories of hate;
I am discouraged by death and destruction;
I am disheartened by signs of greed and struggles for power;
I am appalled by the lies and misrepresentations;
I am troubled by the troubles man causes other men.

The answer, however, is not to turn off the news;
The answer is not to look away.

No, the answer is to make our own news,
Make news of peace and news of love;
Make news of life and creation;
Make news of charity and of assistance;
Makes news of truths and acceptance;
Makes news of man unburdening the burdens of other men.

You do not right the wrongs in this world simply by refusing to witness the bad;
You right the wrongs by overpowering them with goodness.

The absence of doing bad is not enough.

We must make the good news impossible to ignore;
We must become the news by helping each other in newsworthy ways;

We must be creative with our love;
Magnanimous with our charity;
Spectacular with our assistance;
And unforgettable in our tolerance.

We must stand up and be recognized as the news people should hear.

My Best Days

My best days are behind me,
In many more ways than just one,
But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten
How to have a little bit of good fun.

It doesn’t mean that my imagination
Has shriveled up and faded away;
It doesn’t mean the boy who lives inside me
Doesn’t still want to come out and play.

I still hunger for taste of the nectar
First consumed in days of my youth;
I still need to know that I am desired
If you really must know the god’s honest truth.

My best days are behind me,
A fact I cannot deny,
But there is life enough still inside me
To want to give it another good try.