Waves pounding on life’s shores,
Come one after another and then come some more;
Some waves bring good tidings, some carry success;
Some waves bring bad news and accompanying sadness.

Some waves roll in softly, making nary a sound,
Some waves come in thunderous and upon us do pound.
With each passing wave and the experience it brings
We know a variety of more waves are soon following.

If one wave knocks us down and tosses us about,
Another will hit us, for sure, of that there’s no doubt;
As long as we keep struggling and gasping for air,
Calming waters will arrive allowing us to float without care.

Regardless of the size and the force of our waves;
Regardless of how rugged or calm they behave;
As long as the waves on the horizon arrive
We can be hopeful in the knowledge that we’re still alive.


In American Streets

In American streets live thousands of homeless kids,
Serving a sentence for crimes none of them did.
Parents cannot provide the things that they need;
Most of them victims of American greed.

Mansions are being built on scams and on fraud;
As long as stock prices rise Wall Street applauds.
CEOs draw bonuses without showing any shame,
While below poverty level wages remain part of their game.

You are labelled a socialist should you speak up for the child;
Bigotry and hatred employed to drive multitudes wild;
Diversion is a political tactic to blame others for this curse,
As the gap keeps on widening, just making it worse.

In American streets live thousands of homeless kids,
Serving a sentence for crimes none of them did.
Status quo is a sin that the majority share
If we don’t step up and help while the opportunity is there.

Bear the Weight

I lie awake and contemplate
How different my life would be
If only I would comply
With the pressures weighing down on me
But then it seems within my dreams
When finally I close my eyes
In my fantasies the gods I please
Much to my surprise

“Stay the course with no remorse”
Voices sing out from above
“It is plain to see your destiny
Are memories full of love
To give in would be a sin
Let the pressures be what may
Don’t tempt fate just bear the weight
Until your dying day”

When the rooster crows, the sunshine flows
And I get up out of bed
I start to think while my eyes blink
About what the visions said
Then I find with a clear mind
The pressures weigh me down no more
I kiss my wife and continue life
Happily heading out the door

The World’s Goddamned Luckiest Guy

Thunder rolls through another cold winter storm
Snow continues to pile up so high
Lights flicker before finally going all out
Candle flames reflect in her beautiful eyes

Another log is thrown on the fireplace
A down comforter keeps us both warm
I never feel so much in love with her
As when we are waiting out another snow storm

The dogs refuse to go outside in the cold
They hibernate in front of the hearth
The pot sitting on top of the wood burning stove
Is about to give her Brunswick stew a new birth

We’ve got provisions enough to last all season long
Let the storms continue to rage
We have plenty of homemade candles to burn
Providing light enough to read another good page

Our working years are long behind us
We’ve got nowhere that we have to go
Neither one nor the other one of us
Will ever tire of just watching it snow

Spring will bring out the flowers
Summer, the grandkids will come
Fall is for splitting all of the wood
So in winter we can have our own fun

Don’t worry that you can’t contact us
Don’t worry that we won’t be okay
We are delighted with the weight of blankets on us
Trying to remember how we used to play

Thunder rolls through another cold winter storm
Snow continues to pile up so high
This old man with his always young bride
Is the world’s goddamned luckiest guy

Your Point of View

You can hate Hillary Clinton;
You can hate Donald Trump;
You can hate every politician,
Inviting them to kiss you on your rump.

You can hate the protest sitters;
You can hate those standing on their feet;
You can hate every liberal,
Or every conservative you meet.

You can hate illegal aliens;
You can hate ugly American bigots, too;
But what you have really got to love is,
America still allows you to state your point of view.

Beauty in Every Flower

I see beauty in every flower
The way nature intended her to be
No need to apply makeup by the hour
To display your amazing qualities to me

Women of every shape and every size
Should feel comfortable in her nudity
Madison Avenue produces awful lies
Distorting life’s remarkable reality

I see beauty in every flower
Variety is the spice of life’s bouquet
My eyes are happy to devour
All of you beauties every day