An Argument With Myself

I had an argument with myself today;
Hurtful words were said;
Fueled by the heat of anger,
I yelled, “I wish that you were dead”.
The pain that I inflicted,
The damage my words have done,
Have taken a huge toll on me,
Individually adding to the sum.

Apologies ring hollow,
Too late in the ordeal;
Echoes of disappointment
Devour emotions that I feel.
I refuse reconciliation;
Mirrors, I will circumvent;
To look into the eyes of that spiteful man
Will require forgiveness from heaven sent.

I need time away from me today;
I need distance between my souls;
I need my Id and my Ego
To reconsider our common goals.
The penalty for my lost control
Is self-esteem at an all-time low;
Meditating my mind to a new blank slate
Will help seeds of self-healing to start to grow.


More Than What You’ll Ever Need

The reward for a job well done is another job needing to be done well;
The stairway to heaven often starts from deep inside of hell;
A picture of one thousand words can be painted in the abstract;
The proof in the pudding has a key ingredient of fact.

From here to eternity can be measured in miles of endless hope;
Our life’s greatest journey often starts when we’ve reached the end of our rope;
By only looking forward can you see your future past;
The unreachable dream is always well within your grasp.

The object of our affection is often misshaped by fantasy;
The light at the end of the tunnel may be farther than you can see;
The moment that you live in is the only moment guaranteed;
The little that you have now is probably more than what you’ll ever need.

A Poem Never Read

The greater tragedy is not the life that is lost,
But the life that is never lived;
The greater tragedy is not paying too high of a cost,
But never purchasing anything to give.

The greater tragedy is not a broken heart,
But never risking to vulnerably love;
The greater tragedy is not losing the part,
But never auditioning to rise high above.

The greater tragedy is not finishing last,
But never lining up at the starting line;
The greater tragedy is not regretting the past,
But not making the most of the present time.

The greater tragedy is not failing the test,
But not expanding the lessons you learn;
The greater tragedy is not being the best,
But never in even taking your turn.

The greater tragedy is not the lies we are fed,
But in our willingness to believe the absurd;
The greater tragedy is not a poem never read,
But a poem never put down in words;

Did I Make a Difference Today?

Did I make a difference today?
Did I put someone else’s suffering at bay?
Did I help some trouble go away?
Did I make a difference today?

It could be as simple as a compliment,
Or a door held open for another;
It could be a thoughtful note I sent,
Or treating a stranger as if he’s a brother.

The difference should be positive,
A small ripple or a giant splash;
A difference that I make each day
Because, who knows, it could be my last.

Did I make a difference today?
I ask myself each night.
If I cannot answer, “Yes”,
I promise, tomorrow, to make that right.

A Snow Angel

I stepped out of the barroom, six beers over my limit,
Fumbled with the keys, found my car and got in it.
An angel on my shoulder said, “Joe, you shouldn’t go”;
“Where, Oh Where Could My Baby Be” was playing on the radio.

I rolled down the car windows to let in the freezing winter air;
The smell of beer was on my breath, the smell of smoke was in my hair.
In the distance I heard sirens through the darkness of the night
I thanked my lucky stars, knowing my angel had been right.

I needed to quickly find a men’s room, settled on a telephone pole instead;
Walked a couple of empty city blocks trying to clear up my clouded head.
Somehow, I managed to get lost; I couldn’t get back to my car;
I didn’t know if it was close by or if I had walked a bit too far.

The cold was biting through me; I couldn’t find an open door to step inside;
When the snow started falling, I sat down on the curb and like a baby cried.
A homeless man came walking by and took me by the hand,
Led me down a dirty alley to a fire burning in an old trash can.

He covered me with a blanket then continued on his way;
When I opened my eyes again, it was the middle of the next day.

I got my circulation going; figured out just where I was;
My car was not too far; I no longer had a buzzing buzz;
It must have snowed throughout the night; four inches were on the ground;
When I got back to my car, a snow angel in front of it, I found.

It could have been random – schools were closed, the kids were out;
It could have been the old man, but, of that I had some doubt;
Was it actually an angel? Made me stop and made me think,
What I do know for sure is … it was the last night I had a drink.

The Viral Poem About Sex

I want to write a poem that goes wildly viral
Shared by thousands across the worldwide Internet
I haven’t found a topic that sparks a huge spiral
Maybe I should write a viral poem about sex

I’ve posted poems about love and sadly tragic death
I’ve posted poems with ingenuity in the text
I’ve posted poems about deep secrets I confess
Maybe I should write a viral poem about sex

They say the poem’s title must be catchy and unique
To entice people to click on yours more than all the rest
If this poem’s title encouraged you to take a peek
Sorry to say it’s not really a viral poem about sex