The Ruby Red Stilleto

I played my guitar on the corner of the street
The guitar case laid open for some change
She wore six inch, ruby red stilettos on her feet
Trying for a date to be arranged

On slow nights she would join me for a song
With a voice much too beautiful for a whore
She never would stay and sing for very long
Before another date she’d successfully score

I watched her get arrested once or twice
She said it was just a hazard of the trade
There was always enough demand for this vice
That the fines were far less than what she made

On good nights she would put twenty dollars in my case
After bad days I would let her take some out
She always wore a sad smile upon her face
Of our futures we both had some doubt

She said she would keep me warm through the night
If the shelter ever closed its doors
I told her everything would soon be all right
I just needed to practice a little more

Last night I played the corner all alone
Police were everywhere you looked
I overheard a reporter on the phone
Saying there was a killer killing girls who tried to hook

I saw a single stiletto of ruby red
In a plastic bag being held by the man
I knew then that my street muse must be dead
I knew then I had lost my only fan

I packed my guitar and left the city a final time
My search for musical fame packed away
I returned to the only future that was mine
And still work on my father’s farm today


Shadows of Darkness

When shadows of darkness start to invade;
When hate and intolerance prevail;
When respect for truth and morality fade,
Tenets of democracy fail.

When ends are cherished regardless of means;
When fears are embellished for gain;
When nothing is ever quite what it seems,
Everyone shares in the pain.

When party is more important than country;
When bullying is tactically fine;
When divisiveness becomes elementary,
Liberty no longer is thine.

When freedoms are not universal;
When church starts to overrule state;
When political correctness becomes controversial,
Shadows of darkness destroy what was great.