I Dusted Off Some Memories

I dusted off some memories;
Unfroze some friends and enemies;
Found you sitting next to me in school.
I watched you very carefully;
Your every move made gracefully;
As I just sat there silently like a fool.

I never asked you for a date;
A memory that I’ve learned to hate;
Even if your answer would be “no”.
I simply wish I had the nerve
To navigate that shyness curve
So, on other journeys I could go.

I know not where you are today;
I hope your life turned out okay,
Though memories of me probably don’t survive.
I’m that boy with the awkward smile
Who sat next to you across the aisle,
Not sure if you knew I was alive.

The present demands my attention back;
Those memories again, away I pack;
Not sure when I’ll dust them off again.
But when there comes a time I do,
I know there will be some of you
Of that, I always can depend.


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