Don’t Let it Repeat

Hate is not the opposite of love;
It is, more accurately, the absence thereof.

If divide and conquer is your ultimate goal,
Intolerence and prejudice has infected your soul;
If human superiority is something you claim,
You focus on how we are different and not how we’re the same;

If the common ground is no place where you’ll go;
There’s no room in your heart for love seeds to grow;
Where love can’t get in a void you create,
And voids don’t last long before filling with hate.

If you don’t allow love to penetrate in your world,
We are destined again to repeat Charlottesville.


I Cry When She Cries

I cry when she cries, and,
Today she cries for her father.
The man who walked her down the aisle
Leaves to me his grieving daughter.

With a failing heart he held on for as long as he possibly could;
The love he felt for his family helped him live on when nothing else medical would;
By his side, my true love sat, with her own heart breaking in two;
To her first love, her husband joins, in bidding a fond adieu.

I’ve tried my best to treat her well
The way you asked me to.
But the bar you set was mighty high
And I fall far short of being you.

I am sad to see this good man gone
But sadder still because of my wife’s broken heart.
The man she loved, way before she met me
From her world today did part.

Rest in Peace and go with the Angels, good sir.

Half the Battle

Falling in love is only half the battle
And, really, quite easy to do;
The hard part is in being the man
That makes her want to fall in love with you.

Treat her like a lady;
Shower her with compliments;
When obstacles appear in your journey’s path,
Learn how together you can circumvent.

Allow her to be right some times
Easily admit when you are wrong;
Realize that just because you are the man
Doesn’t mean that sometimes she can’t be the one who’s strong.
Know that sex is a tandem sport
At which both of you can win;
To only take and never give
In a relationship is a sin.

Show an interest in the things she loves;
Learn how to appreciate the many things she does;
Help straighten up more than once a year;
While watching her movies allow to escape, a tear;
Listen to the lessons that she’s teaching you;
Don’t be afraid of the words, “I Love You, too.”

Falling in love is only half the battle
And, really, not so hard to do;
The challenge is in being the man
That keeps her in love with you.