Coming Home to Ole Gig Harbor

I’ve walked the streets in the city of Angels
Looking for a job on the silver screen;
Been to Rush Street in Chicago,
The bouncers there are kind of mean;
I’ve seen the ball drop in Time Square
Have worn beads near the Old Bayou;
But, the happiest place I’ve ever been
Is coming home to you.

Seeing Rainier in the distance
Is the first sign I’m nearing home;
I know that I’m almost there
When I’m passing the Tacoma Dome;
Crossing the Ghost of Galloping Gertie,
Makes my time away seem even harder;
Nothing makes my heart sing,
Quite like coming home to ole Gig Harbor.

She waits for me in the kitchen,
Overlooking the Puget Sound;
Snowcapped mountains on the horizon
Whichever way I turn around;
I’ve travelled all over this big wide world
To places erotic and beautifully pure,
But nothing beats coming home to you
Of that you must be sure.


5 thoughts on “Coming Home to Ole Gig Harbor

      • Hi, are you Joe Flach, the author of these poems? I love the poems and I would like to use some of the poems for my music production. Please let me know. Thanks


      • Yes, I am the author of these poems. I would love to have my poems put to music. If you are willing to share the production with me, I’m all for it. Just let me know which poem(s) in particular you want to use, so I can make sure there is no conflicts with other usage of the poem. Thanks. Joe Flach


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