The Beauty of Diversity

I live in a country, I once thought was truly great;
Until the citizens I share it with made a huge mistake;
They voted for a platform based on fear and hate,
Now the greatness of America is up for world debate.

America was a country which once had our neighbor’s back;
Now, we’re building walls to keep them out and have ICE on the attack;
With “America First” as our policy we have reneged on universal pacts,
Instead of believing in the sciences we accept untrue alternative facts.

But, the soul of America, lies not within its head of state;
It is the resolve of our countrymen that makes our country great;
Marches and protests offer proof we are not doomed to this fate;
I have faith we will correct our course before it gets too late.

So, fear not my foreign allies, we will take our country back;
We will resume our position as world leader, in front of the pack;
The walls, physical and philosophical, will be fixed with an open gate;
Welcoming back the beauty of diversity which is what originally made us great.


I Don’t Have To …

I don’t have to be told lessons learned from Hitler
To know religious persecution is tragically wrong;
I don’t have to be reminded of Stalin,
To recognize a tyrant attempting to get too strong;
I don’t have to wait for ethnic cleansing
Before seeing racism for what it is;
I don’t have to live in total poverty
Before knowing the elite is taking more than what it gives.

I don’t have to read the Constitution
To appreciate the value of a free press;
I don’t have to wait for nuclear destruction
Before war mongers I redress;
I don’t have to live through another ice age
Before science can be trusted;
I don’t have to watch economies start to crumble
Before power monopolies are busted.

I don’t have to gain your approval
Before kneeling for injustices against my brother;
I don’t have to allow continued inequalities for my sisters
Just because I was too young to stand up for my mother.
I don’t have to feign respect for the President
If, as of yet, he hasn’t earned it;
I don’t have to be taught the Golden Rule,
Every day I’ve lived, I have learned it.

When God Made My Body

When God made my body,
She gave me eyes for only you;
And, without you being in it,
My heart would have nothing else for it to do.

When God made my body,
I thought there was a huge mistake;
My soul had a hole in it,
I didn’t know it had to be filled by my soul mate.

When God made my body,
From my head down to my feet;
She knew I would have to have you in my life,
To make her masterpiece complete.

When God made my body,
Dressed it in my birthday suit,
She designed it in such a way
That only you would find it cute.

When God made my body,
She did so with a master plan,
She made my body knowing,
I was being made to be your man

A Road Trip With My Dad

I was alone in the car with my father,
Hundreds of miles away from home;
He was a traveling salesman,
And on this trip I came along.

There were seventeen summers behind me,
Yet, I was still quite the child;
I had not even come close to being a man,
My imagination was running wild.

When you’re one of seven children,
With your Dad there’s no time to bind,
So, you take advantage of these situations
That you’re lucky enough to find.

We talked over the radio,
While milepost markers passed us by;
He shared years of his wisdom with me,
Helping separate truths from the lies.

He spoke words of praise and confidence;
Feelings I never knew,
I heard him say for the first time,
“Joe, I’m awful proud of you.”

He said, “Johnny is my first son,
That’s a special relationship for a man;
Jimmy and I are more like each other,
Than I bet you can ever imagine.
But, in you I see a mirror,
Of the boy I used to be,
I hope I can’t make this any clearer,
I want you to achieve much more than me.”

We went from Dayton to Indianapolis
With a couple of quick stops in between.
Went to dinner with a client,
Had my first beer at seventeen.
Headed down into Memphis,
Then to Nashville, Tennessee,
Miles of roads and memories left behind us,
Just the old man and me.

I watched him working on his clients,
Treating each one like his best friend;
He said, “Life is all about how you treat folk,
More important than making a deal, in the end.”

I don’t know if his trip was a success
On the sales ledger sheet that he kept,
But it was a success for my development,
Measured by the amount of tears that we wept.

This was the week that really changed things
Between me and my, Dad;
Entering my last year in High School,
These were the most important lessons I ever had.

From Zero to Sixty

From zero to sixty in the blink of an eye;
Most of the time was spent laughing,
Many more hours than I cried;
Not sure how many more miles
Before the end of the ride;
I would love it if the rest of the way,
You were here by my side.

I always had company;
I was never alone;
Parents and siblings always,
Filled up my happy home;
I started my own family,
In early stages of this trip,
Kids made it more fun,
As, down the slippery slope I did slip.

Some success and some failures
Around every curve;
Willing to try something new,
Whenever I worked up the nerve;
Now, my co-pilots are flying,
Lives of their own,
Before my last adventure,
I hope, they all can fly home.

I’ve got no news to believe
That I’ll start slowing down,
So, no need to read along
With your lips in a frown;
But, if the end should arrive without a moment to spare,
Just know I was happy having spent time with you there.
From zero to sixty in the blink of an eye;
I’m not going to blink twice, I wouldn’t know how to try.

Oprah’s Song

A new day is on the horizon;
One that rights the sins of time;
When that new day starts it’s dawning,
I want to be holding your hand in mine.

The days we put behind us,
Will be locked into our memory bin;
Lessons learned which must be remembered,
So the horizon’s new day can now begin.

We will be lead toward the horizon,
With our mothers, wives and sisters leading the way,
Follow the beautiful voice of courage,
Helping to guide us on our way.

A new day is on the horizon;
Old myths will be far left behind;
Let us sprint towards the horizon,
A future for all of humankind.

On Thin Ice

On the thin ice, upon which we stand on in life,
It is solidified through mutual respect;
If we add any weight from prejudicial-based hate
Through the ice we will all certainly wreck.

IF we all make a plan to on the ice stand
Without any fear of anyone breaking through;
Then, it’s given as fact, we must enter a pact,
To live guided by the well-known Golden Rule.

I’ll do unto thee as I’d have you do unto me;
So, we can all stand sure on our ground;
If you sing the same as your life’s song refrain
We’ll never have to hear that awful ice-cracking sound.

No matter our race or which marriage takes place,
We can stand huddled together on thin ice;
But to stay there that way until eternity fades,
We must continue to always play nice.

On the thin ice, upon which we stand on in life;
Can indeed grow thicker each day;
If we stay bold and always play cold
To those who choose to live an intolerant way.