The Beauty of Diversity

I live in a country, I once thought was truly great;
Until the citizens I share it with made a huge mistake;
They voted for a platform based on fear and hate,
Now the greatness of America is up for world debate.

America was a country which once had our neighbor’s back;
Now, we’re building walls to keep them out and have ICE on the attack;
With “America First” as our policy we have reneged on universal pacts,
Instead of believing in the sciences we accept untrue alternative facts.

But, the soul of America, lies not within its head of state;
It is the resolve of our countrymen that makes our country great;
Marches and protests offer proof we are not doomed to this fate;
I have faith we will correct our course before it gets too late.

So, fear not my foreign allies, we will take our country back;
We will resume our position as world leader, in front of the pack;
The walls, physical and philosophical, will be fixed with an open gate;
Welcoming back the beauty of diversity which is what originally made us great.


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