Atta Boy

I never could hear my father’s voice
Rise above the crowd;
His cheering and encouragements
Never came from him that loud.

But, after the competition had ended
And, Dad was there to take me home,
He would simply say, “Atta Boy”,
To let me know he was proud of what I’d done.

“Atta Boy” was his phrase of choice
To indicate he approved of the accomplished deed
From, “Atta Boy” grew trees of confidence,
Dad planted with this simple seed.

To get an “Atta Boy” I’d practice hard
Trying to get a little bit better every day;
The sores and pains I paid for gain
At the sound of his “Atta Boy” would fade away.

I will never hear another “Atta Boy”
Echo from my father’s lips;
But, to my sons at the game’s end
Out of my mouth, “Atta Boy”, now slips.


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