Just One More Day to Love You

I love you every day of the year
With everything I’ve got;
To love you more on Valentine’s Day
Is something I simply just cannot.

Regardless of what the calendar says,
Or Hallmark Cards might suggest I do;
There is no way that on that day
I can possibly have any more love for you.

So, I’ll save you from the chocolates
Wait until we can grow flowers of our own;
On this made up winter holiday,
I simply write for you this poem.

I know you know I love you,
If not, what more can I say?
I can do nothing more to make you sure,
I love you all I can on every day.

There’s nothing special about February 14th
Other than it’s one more day I can share my love;
With the woman who I am certain,
Was sent down here for me from the angels up high above.


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