War, No More

I would fight in the war to end all other wars,
If there was a guarantee never to be any more;
But, man has a need to feed his insatiable greed;
That is what all this warring has been for.

In every war we have been in,
We sacrifice our children,
While the mongers hide safely behind governments back home;
If the people who fought ‘em
Were the same morons who start ‘em
You and I could live peacefully left on our own.

It is not too late,
To put an end to all this hate,
If the propaganda and rhetoric went unheeded;
We just might find,
That to save humankind,
Love and understanding is all we ever needed.

We can put an end,
To all this fighting my friend,
If each other we simply treated with respect;
There would be no more,
Need or use for a war,
If tyranny’s rule we all would reject.


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