When our soldiers come home after fighting in a foreign war,
Sometimes they are no longer, the young people they were before;
The traumas they experienced can naturally lead to stress,
But to call it a disorder just adds more confusion to the mess.
They need our understanding to help give their lives some new meaning,
So to all of our soldiers coming home we must give Permission To Start Dreaming

Post-Traumatic Stress should not be stigmatized;
These men and women are heroes in all of our grateful eyes;
We shouldn’t label them disordered with a diagnosis sounding somewhat demeaning,
Instead they should get from us, Permission To Start Dreaming.

We should welcome returning soldiers with smiles and opened arms,
Provide patience and understanding without overreacting with alarm;
Be there when they need us; provide a shoulder for their leaning,
Let them stand at ease and grant them Permission To Start Dreaming.

You have
Make them big and make them proud
You have
Shout your hopes and shout them loud
With every dream that you dream, let us help you reach your goal,
If we all dream together we all achieve a healthy soul.


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