Hi.  I am just your ordinary, average Joe who enjoys writing poems, song lyrics, and short stories.  I have been writing in a closet for many years and only recently started sharing my stuff with others.  Throughout the years, I have lost far more pieces than I have saved, but, thanks to technology tools, I have recently been able to compile a nice inventory of new stuff.  I am using this blog page as a means to share my writings with all of you – well, those of you willing to read them.

I have won a few poetry and song writing contests over the years, but, I am in no way a professional writer.  I write because I like to write.  It would be great to know, however, that others like some of my stuff, as well.

I welcome your comments and encouragement.

Thank you for stopping by.

Joe Flach



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for taking the time to read some of my stuff, Tokoni, I really do appreciate it. Of course I will check out your blog, I love seeing the creativity and diversity of others expressed through art.


  2. Joe, I had to research the person who wrote the beautiful words onthe new Marriott International ad. They are complelling simple, and touch my heart. Your full poem deserves to be read. Then I read more of your poetry. Wow! I am a national storyteller and performer and I would like to share some of your poetry, giving you all credit, and if you books, buying them to show. If not, that’s fine, but please know artist to artist – you are awesome. Please keep writing.


    • Thanks for the kind words, Sheila. I would be honored to have you read/perform whatever poems or stories you would like. No book, yet; maybe someday. Thanks for making an old man’s day.


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