A Final Adieu

The light to my life is flickering;
It shone bright for many years.
The fog around me is thickening,
But, please, spare me the tears.
I am fortunate to outlive the fears,
As long as I can lie here next to you
I’ll remember our fondest years –
As I bid you a final adieu.

The curtain falls on my final scene;
Confined to bed these last two years.
Giving plenty of time to reflect on things,
Realizing I have “Thank you’s” left in arrears.
I hope I haven’t under-appreciated you, Dear;
I hope deep inside that you always knew
That I respected and loved having you so near –
As I bid you a final adieu.

I believe this is my last evening,
As I go to join my long passed peers.
I hope to be fitted with angel wings
And look down on you from way up there.
And late at night in dreams I’ll appear
To help chase away your blues.
I’ll do my best to keep your skies clear –
As I bid you a final adieu.

So, a little longer hold back the tears,
Until my last breath has finally passed through;
Hold my hand so I know you’re near –
As I bid you a final adieu.