Down Into the Dreamland Go

Down into the dreamland go
Where chocolate waterfalls do flow
Where gummy bears hold hands and sing
Where all your wishes are topped with cream

Close your eyes and fade away
Until the dawn of a brand new day
Let fairy dreams and fantasy
Take you on an odyssey

And when you wake I’ll still be here
To hold you close and love you dear
And guide you through another day
Until your dreams come back to play

Lay down now, it’s time to rest
Your dreams tonight will be the best


My Imaginary Zoo

One day I asked my Mommy and Daddy if we could go to the zoo.

They said, “Sure, we will go to the zoo some day, just not today. Today we are too busy doing other things.”

Then, a few days later I asked them again.

They said, “Of course we can, Dear, some day. But right now we are too busy. Maybe some other day.”

So, a few days later I asked once again, “Mommy, Daddy, can we go to the zoo?”

They said, “Yes, Honey, we can go to the zoo some day, but Mommy and Daddy are too busy to take you there today. Maybe some other day.”

This made me mad.

I stomped my feet. I clinched my hands into fists. I made a very sad face. And, I yelled, “That’s what you always say! You always say some day! Well, when does some day get here!?”

Mommy and Daddy were not happy with my behavior. They told me I was being naughty. They told me I had to sit on the naughty spot.

So, I sat on the naughty spot.

But, I did not cry. I did not pout. I did not even feel very sad.

Instead, I went to the zoo by myself. I went to my very own Imaginary Zoo.

In some zoos there are soaring eagles. But in my imaginary zoo I saw oaring seagulls. They were in row boats in the middle of the lake.

Some zoos have snapping turtles. But my imaginary zoo had tapping snurtles. Have you ever seen a snurtle in tap shoes before? They were very good.

I have heard that many zoos have funny monkeys. The zoo I went to had money funkies. One funky gave me a ten dollar bill.

Some regular zoos have laughing hyenas. My imaginary zoo had halfing lyenas. They were chopping wood in half and then saying that they did not do it. I think that was a lie.

For lunch in my zoo, they did not sell hot dogs. Instead we had dot hogs for lunch. When it comes to eating dots, I think I am the biggest hog. Yummy, I love dots.

Instead of drinking chocolate milk for lunch, we had mocolate chilk. I think I spilt some chilk on my new shirt. I hope it comes out in the wash.

And then for dessert, instead of eating cotton candy we had – well, I guess we had cotton candy, too. Those words sound the same when you play my imaginary game.

Next, instead of going to see a hippopotamus, in my zoo we went to see a pippohotamus. I had a hard time saying the name of that animal.

I know that some zoos have caves with flying bats. My imaginary zoo had a cave with bye-ing flats. They were very thin and only knew how to say, “Good-bye”, even when they meant to say, “Hello.” That’s silly.

In my imaginary zoo I did not see any hopping toads. But there were a lot of topping hoads. The hoads were stacked up twenty feet high. Each hoad was trying to get on top.

Many zoos have lions and tigers and bears, oh my. But my zoo did not. My zoo had bions and ligers and tears – mo hi.

Some zoos I know have lots of swimming dolphins. My imaginary zoo had lots of dimming swolphins. Mommy and Daddy always get mad when I play with the light dimmer in our living room. But the swolphins were turning the lights up and down without even getting in trouble.

My Mommy walked by and saw that I was still sitting on the naughty spot and she said, “Oh, Baby, are you still sitting here? You don’t have to sit here any more. You can get up.”

I told my Mommy I was sorry for stomping my feet. I told her I was sorry for making faces and yelling at her and Daddy.

She said, “I accept your apology.” Then she said, “And, I am sorry for not giving you a direct answer to your question. Daddy and I looked at the calendar and we can go to the zoo next Saturday.”

I said, “That’s okay Mommy, I already went to the zoo. Maybe we can go to the beach instead.”

Mommy laughed. And, I laughed too.

The Santa Lie

Presents were hiding in my Mommy’s room;
Each and every one of them I saw
appeared underneath the Christmas tree
saying they were all from Santa Claus.

I smelled cookies on my father’s breathe,
and, one night, I saw it for myself;
when he thought that I was sleeping,
Dad put that elf up on the shelf.

They may think that I don’t know,
but their lies to me are clear,
Santa Claus has been so busy
he hired my folks to help this year.

Don’t worry, I’ll stay quiet,
this secret is safe with me;
How Santa got to them my Christmas list
is the only unsolved mystery.

Maybe next year, I’ll help Santa,
and get the presents for Mom and Dad;
I’ll keep a year-long eye on them
making sure that they aren’t bad.

I’ll pretend that I saw Santa;
Say I saw Rudolph’s nose shining real bright –
It seems so important to the both of them
that I think they went to sleep with me at night.

And, Santa, I understand;
You’ve got lots of kids to see,
so, I whole-heartedly endorse your policy
of employing my Dad and my Mommy.

Now I am wondering about that other guy;
wouldn’t that one be real funny,
if Mommy and Dad were also hired
to help out the Easter Bunny?

The Potty Menagerie

There’s a frog sitting on the potty going, “Rib-bit”.
Sitting down where I normally sit.
I am not sure why the frog came to visit,
But he’s sitting on the potty going, “Rib-bit.

There’s a cow sitting on the potty going, “Moo-moo”.
She’s sitting in the same place that I do.
I am not sure why the cow came to see you,
But she’s sitting on the potty going, “Moo-moo”.

There’s a horse sitting on the potty going, “Neigh-neigh”.
I sit on the potty in the same way.
I am not sure if the horse is here to stay,
But he’s sitting on the potty going, “Neigh-neigh”.

There’s a bird sitting on the potty going, “Tweet-tweet”.
I sit on that very same seat.
I am not sure if this ever will repeat,
But she’s sitting on the potty going, “Tweet-tweet”.

There’s a dog sitting on the potty going, “Bow-wow”.
She climbed up there, but I don’t know how.
I am not sure if that dog is done now,
But she’s sitting on the potty going, “Bow-wow”.

There’s a donkey sitting on the potty going, “Hee-haw”.
He’s sitting there as if it were a see-saw.
I am not sure why the donkey came to call,
But he’s sitting on the potty going, “Hee-haw”.

I am sitting on the potty singing my song,
About the animals that have been here all day long.
If they can use the potty it can’t be all wrong,
So I’m sitting on the potty singing my song.