My Rescued Heart

The sun has shined brighter ever since that day
Destiny made our paths cross
I was stunned to find out I could feel this way
My cynicism about love was lost
The shadows wherein my heart did lay
Due to failed love I so often saw
Melted in the brightness you sent my way
Proving its darkness a terrible flaw
Just because others have loved and failed
Didn’t mean it would happen to me
I knew the moment I saw you love would prevail
For the rest of my eternity

From a cynical world that was lonely and dark
Your aura, so bright, has rescued my heart


Down Into the Dreamland Go

Down into the dreamland go
Where chocolate waterfalls do flow
Where gummy bears hold hands and sing
Where all your wishes are topped with cream

Close your eyes and fade away
Until the dawn of a brand new day
Let fairy dreams and fantasy
Take you on an odyssey

And when you wake I’ll still be here
To hold you close and love you dear
And guide you through another day
Until your dreams come back to play

Lay down now, it’s time to rest
Your dreams tonight will be the best