Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas to my family;

I’m sad you can’t be here with me.

But I’ll always have my memories

Of three kids running to the Christmas tree;

You’d all be up before the break of dawn;

With your Christmas Eve pajamas on;

You couldn’t go downstairs until Dad checked it first;

Staying in bed with Mom, excitement ready to burst;

I’d go downstairs and turn on the tree lights;

Of the cookies and carrots, I would take a bite;

Before yelling up that the “Coast is clear.

It looks as if Santa has been here.”

Pitter-patter of feet running down the stairs;

Wrapping paper gets thrown about everywhere;

Mom and Dad watching it all with a smile;

That we’ll keep on our faces for a long, long while;

Now that our three little elves are grown;

They are making new memories with elves of their own;

My wife and I sleeping in in our home;

Until we’re awakened by the telephone;

“Papa-Joe,” I hear from an excited little voice,

“Daddy says I have to call you, for a choice,”

“I want to go downstairs but Daddy says, no”

“We have to wait for the okay by Pappa-Joe.”

“Well let me get Santa on the other phone,

Just to make sure he’s been to your home.”

Hello, Santa this is Pappa-Joe,

I’ve got a question that I have to know,

My granddaughter says she’s been as quiet as a mouse,

But have you already been to her house?

“Okay, tell your Daddy you can all go downstairs,

Santa says he’s already been there.”

I hear the pitter-patter run away from the phone,

But in the sound of silence I no longer feel so all alone.

Merry Christmas to my family,

I am sad you can’t be here with me,

But knowing you remember our memories,

Always and forever makes be happy.


I Cry When She Cries

I cry when she cries, and,
Today she cries for her father.
The man who walked her down the aisle
Leaves to me his grieving daughter.

With a failing heart he held on for as long as he possibly could;
The love he felt for his family helped him live on when nothing else medical would;
By his side, my true love sat, with her own heart breaking in two;
To her first love, her husband joins, in bidding a fond adieu.

I’ve tried my best to treat her well
The way you asked me to.
But the bar you set was mighty high
And I fall far short of being you.

I am sad to see this good man gone
But sadder still because of my wife’s broken heart.
The man she loved, way before she met me
From her world today did part.

Rest in Peace and go with the Angels, good sir.

The Voice I’ve Found

You may choose to extinguish my light
But I will not go quietly into the night
You may choose to turn my volume down
But the voice I have is the voice I’ve found

You can ignore all the words I write
You can walk away from the fight I fight
You can argue mine is a worthless plight
But my resolve will never dare take flight

You can ask me to please step in line
You can ask me to just give it time
You can ask me to compliance find
But you cannot slip poison into my mind

If wrong, I will admit it so
Mistakes, I’ve made, I surely know
But of my moral compass I won’t let go
I will stay the course, you’ve got to know

So, you may choose to extinguish my light
You may choose to turn my volume down
You may choose to ignore the words I write
But you cannot hide the truths I’ve found

A Snow Angel

I stepped out of the barroom, six beers over my limit,
Fumbled with the keys, found my car and got in it.
An angel on my shoulder said, “Joe, you shouldn’t go”;
“Where, Oh Where Could My Baby Be” was playing on the radio.

I rolled down the car windows to let in the freezing winter air;
The smell of beer was on my breath, the smell of smoke was in my hair.
In the distance I heard sirens through the darkness of the night
I thanked my lucky stars, knowing my angel had been right.

I needed to quickly find a men’s room, settled on a telephone pole instead;
Walked a couple of empty city blocks trying to clear up my clouded head.
Somehow, I managed to get lost; I couldn’t get back to my car;
I didn’t know if it was close by or if I had walked a bit too far.

The cold was biting through me; I couldn’t find an open door to step inside;
When the snow started falling, I sat down on the curb and like a baby cried.
A homeless man came walking by and took me by the hand,
Led me down a dirty alley to a fire burning in an old trash can.

He covered me with a blanket then continued on his way;
When I opened my eyes again, it was the middle of the next day.

I got my circulation going; figured out just where I was;
My car was not too far; I no longer had a buzzing buzz;
It must have snowed throughout the night; four inches were on the ground;
When I got back to my car, a snow angel in front of it, I found.

It could have been random – schools were closed, the kids were out;
It could have been the old man, but, of that I had some doubt;
Was it actually an angel? Made me stop and made me think,
What I do know for sure is … it was the last night I had a drink.

Be Cautious in How You Take Me

Don’t take my silence as approval;
Don’t take my courtesy as consent;
Don’t take my offer of a handshake
as forgiveness for insults sent.

Don’t take my patience as concurrence;
Don’t take my pacificity as weak defense;
Don’t take my smiling disposition
as permission to act the same way hence.

Don’t take my thoughtfulness as inaction;
Don’t take my inquisitiveness as ignorance;
Don’t take my willingness to listen
as a license for intolerance.

Don’t take my politeness as submission;
Don’t take my timidity as courage lost;
Don’t take my charity as evidence
I will never make you pay the cost.

The Turning of Another Page

With the turning of another page
This chapter I complete;
I bid farewell to High School friends
The world, go out to meet;
From the comfort of my happy home
The security of this nest;
It’s time I put the wings I’ve grown
To a tougher test.

Don’t shed a tear on my way out
Forever is not the term;
Breadcrumbs dropped along the path
Ensure that I return;
Memories of the child you raised
Permanently stay;
The adult that I will soon become
Can’t erase our yesterdays.

With the turning of another page
This chapter I complete;
Twists and turns in my story’s plot
I am anxious to go out and greet;
There is still so much of my story to write
Based on lessons learned from you;
With the turning of another page
I bid to all adieu.