A Destination Quite Unknown

We are all traveling on the same journey
With a destination quite unknown;
Regardless of your origination;
Regardless of miles already flown.

Some are traveling in first class;
Some ride steerage with the stock;
Some will work on providing comfort:
Some will pilot; most will not.

We’re not sure where we are headed;
What twists and turns the journey may bring;
Some will argue about how we should get there;
Some will worry about various other things.

In the end the end is a beginning
Of another journey we cannot comprehend;
How we travel in the journey we are living
Will determine where the next journey ends.

We Rise

What happens when we veer off course?
What happens under darkly clouded skies?
What happens when the reasonable voice grows hoarse?
What happens? … We Rise!

What happens when tolerance fails?
What happens when the truth gets buried by lies?
What happens when scientific facts grow pale?
What happens? … We Rise!

What happens when the going gets tough?
What happens when inhumanity thrives?
What happens when enough is enough?
What happens? … We Rise!

What happens when fear gives way to mistrust?
What happens when the bully arrives?
What happens when injustice is just?
What happens? … We Rise!

Drowning in a Sea of Hate

While others lie drowning in a sea of hate
You must strive to rise above;
Don’t join the fray; don’t take the bait;
Respond, instead, with love.

It’s tempting to fight fire with fire,
But that only adds fuel to the heat;
When they sink low you must climb higher
Where disdain cannot compete.

Insults lobbied from differing views
Hardly constitutes a debate;
Loss of decorum and chaos ensues
When motivated only by hate.

When the Dust Settles

When the dust settles;
When the cameras stop rolling;
When the newest news story
Starts receiving top polling;
Who is left to pick up the pieces?
Who is left to shoulder the pain?
Who is left to mourn the departed?
Who ensures it won’t happen again?

We watch on TV while eating desserts;
We cry for a moment, for the moment it hurts;
We voice our disgust for a world that’s gone mad;
But, what do we do to help those who are sad?
We turn on a comedy when the evening news has ended;
We share analysis and opinions with strangers we’ve befriended;
We try to teach our children a lesson to be learned;
But, we forget about those whose lives have been turned.

With each tragedy we witness and watch from afar;
People are left with an unhealable scar;
When the short span of our attention has faded;
Left in the wake are the emotionally injured, unaided.
So, when the dust settles and the cameras stop rolling;
When the newest news story starts receiving top polling;
When analyses and opinions social networks stop sharing,
Somehow, some way, let the families know we’re still caring.

He Whispered to Me, “Goodbye”

He said, “Daddy, I didn’t mean to make my Mommy cry,
And I really didn’t want to put that tear inside your eye.
I didn’t know I was sick when I didn’t tell you ‘bout the pain,
I just wanted to make sure I could go outside to play again.”

He said, “Daddy, I am sorry for whatever evil I have done
To make God give me cancer; and an incurable one.
He said, “I prayed every night that he would take the pain away;
I guess God didn’t care to hear the things I had to say.”

I said, “Son, don’t you worry about your Mother’s and my tears;
You’ve given us nothing but happiness throughout your ten years.
I said, “Cancer isn’t punishment for any sins, don’t you know;
God just needed another angel and you have the purest soul.”

He said, “Daddy, I will miss you, but don’t you follow me too soon;
Mommy really needs you so she can sing again a happy tune.
I will look down upon you from the heavens up above,
I will send to you and Mommy, every day, all my love.”

I said, “Son we will miss you and think about you every day;
Your Mom will learn to smile again knowing you’re sending love her way.
It’s time to let the pain all go and close your little eyes.”
I kissed him on the forehead and my son whispered to me, “Goodbye”.