Angels Far Too Young

Sometimes, heaven’s angels
Are granted their wings far too young
In ways quite unexpected
That nobody thought would ever come.

When, together, we finally find the strength
To bid our last goodbyes
The sorrow and love that unifies us
Comes as a wonderful surprise.

If the feathers of an angel’s wings
Are determined by the number of tears that loved ones cry,
The wings that carry our two classmates
Will help them up to heaven fly.

Even though their souls have ascended
We will keep their spirits alive down here on earth
Every end is but a beginning
It’s up to us to give hope new birth.

There are two more angels looking down upon us
To whom we can turn to in troubled times to pray
When lost our journeys have become
And we need guidance along the way.


More Prayers to be Prayed

Rat-a-tat-tat echoes ringing through the darkening nighttime sky;
Country music revelers held in loved one’s arms, start to die;
Fifty-nine new coffins for innocent victims must be made;
Another installment for an uncontrolled amendment has been paid.

Thoughts and prayers are being offered by politicians from up on high,
Though preventing continued tragedies none of them ever dare to try;
“Guns don’t kill people”, is their oft heard battle cry;
Try telling that to all the families now living shattered lives.

Statistics in the headlines normalize a new record being made;
Though it’s not bound to be the last time, all of the people are afraid;
Until assault weapons are buried deep inside the graves,
There will be more thoughts of condolences and prayers to be prayed.

Compassionate Santa Monica

Santa Monica has great beaches
Which rank second best to none,
And the people here who call her home
Have a knack for having fun.

Santa Monicans care for one another
And our neighbors don’t forget
What makes this place so beautiful
Is that we all are compassionate.

You will know that you are welcomed
Should you ever come to visit us here
By the reception you receive from the locals
Along our world famous Pier.

You can measure wealth in dollars,
But that’s just not our style;
In Santa Monica our currency
Is a welcoming smile.

You will remember Santa Monica for her beauty
And our weather I surely bet
But the longer lasting impression,
Will be that we all were compassionate.

Investing in Karma

Compassion is a two way street;
It is medicine for the soul;
Giving it more than needing it,
Should be every human’s goal.

To hunger for compassion;
To thirst for feeling loved;
Is not a sign of weakness;
Nothing for you to feel ashamed of.

Compassion is influenced by our karma;
You get rewarded with as much as you give.
You invest in your karma bank
Each day, by how you live.

Should you ever need some empathy;
Some loving or some care.
I hope, through serendipity,
I’m the one who happens to be there.

I know, every time I show compassion,
The world is made better by and for me;
Through each act of kindness,
I help improve humanity.

Let’s Paddle Together

It’s hard to drift apart when you ride the same canoe;
To love the American flag means loving red, white AND blue.
We can focus on our differences or our similarities,
By all working together there are endless possibilities.

Walls can keep people out; walls can box people in;
To turn your back on the children, to me, would be a sin.
You can assign blame for your misfortune and wallow in your fear.
Or stand up to intolerance and kick it in the rear.

You can lend a helping hand to your neighbor or evict him from the hood;
You can assume differences are evil or go looking for the good;
You can do what all religions teach you and embrace the Golden Rule,
Or disregard the moral of the story and go acting like a fool.

A Call for Compassion

Cities committing to compassion are springing up around the globe;
Unilaterally agreeing to welcome all citizens into their fold.
A Charter has been created that mayors and civilians sign alike;
Agreeing to strive to always choose doing those things that are universally right.

But, compassion begins in your heart and soul regardless of where you live,
And, compassion is what you will receive if it is what you choose to give;
So, sign the Charter on your on, you can find it on the Internet;
You will immediately feel better once you do, is something that I will bet.

Join our growing community of people committed to humanity;
By treating others as we want to be treated, a golden rule most certainly;
Instead of pointing fingers at others lacking compassion, embrace them in your heart;
By pulling our enemies in closer, we can stop them from drifting farther apart.

Don’t Let it Repeat

Hate is not the opposite of love;
It is, more accurately, the absence thereof.

If divide and conquer is your ultimate goal,
Intolerence and prejudice has infected your soul;
If human superiority is something you claim,
You focus on how we are different and not how we’re the same;

If the common ground is no place where you’ll go;
There’s no room in your heart for love seeds to grow;
Where love can’t get in a void you create,
And voids don’t last long before filling with hate.

If you don’t allow love to penetrate in your world,
We are destined again to repeat Charlottesville.