Is America Sleeping?

Whereas, John F. Kennedy’s treatise, “Why England Slept” describes the unwillingness to stop the advancement of Naziism due to England’s lack of preparedness to fight a foreign foe at that time, I almost feel like a future treatise, “Why America Slept” will be written to describe our unwillingness to stop the destruction occurring at the hands of the Trump administration due to our lack of preparedness to fight an Administration run a muck.

Kennedy warned that America should learn from England’s mistake and prepare for war just in case, hoping preparation can prevent war rather than have unpreparedness be the cause for appeasement and watching silently from the sidelines.

I am not saying that I think the Trump Administration is comparable to the Third Reich, just drawing a parallel to the inability to confront a threat out of unpreparedness to deal with the threat. Even though our Constitution does include provisions to deal with an inept and dangerous Administration, I just wonder if our unwillingness to go down those paths will end up in a nightmare while we sleep.

I wonder if America is currently asleep while isolationism and nationalism guide us in a direction we ought not go and tyranny starts to chip away at democracy?

Are we allowing cries of “Fake news” to clog the gears of a free press upholding the 1st Amendment providing the cornerstone of our Democratic experiment? Are we being serenaded to sleep by a lullaby of constant lies and alternative facts?

Are we asleep on our feet, singing anthems to a flag at sporting events, simply to drown out the cries for civil liberties fought so hard for in a not too distant past?

Are we slumbering through one gun violence tragedy after another simply to let commerce hide behind the façade of 2nd Amendment patriotism and a far too powerful gun lobby?

Are we napping while a complete and intentional sabotage of an imperfect but working Health Care System takes place because of the previous President’s name being hung on the label?

Have we hit the snooze button while foxes are put into position to guard the hen houses of Climate Control, EPA, Banking Regulations and more?

Have we grown weary to the defamation of historical allies while coddling the man-crush behavior towards known enemies of the nation as they tinker with the ruination of our government and electoral process?

It’s one thing to sleep as external forces threaten the peace and stability of our world, but quite another thing to sleep while the threat happens from within.

Just as when JFK penned “Why England Slept”, there is a large contingent who would guffaw at the thought that we are sleeping while our world as we know it is approaching the brink of destruction. I know that my suggestion that the Trump administration has the potential of causing great harm to our democracy will be easily brushed aside by his supporters and those still intoxicated with the thought of Making America Great Again. But, I, for one, find it hard to sleep without, at least, raising a red flag and doing what little I can to voice my concern.

So, I will say it before you do, I am no John F. Kennedy, but I do believe there may be some lessons still to be learned from this great American who did, indeed, help make America Great during his time at the helm. Please, let’s not let unnecessary damage be done to our democracy by an unwillingness or unpreparedness to do battle with the current Administration when and where the time calls for it. Such as now.

Wake up America! Before it is too late? Which, I hope, is not already the case.