Smile If You’re Feeling Sad

if you’re feeling sad,
it just might turn your world around
and confuse the heck out of that misery
who expects you to wear a frown.

if you’re feeling mad,
it just might change your attitude –
and that person who really pissed you off
will just think that you’re being rude.

if you feel depressed;
sing a little, happy tune –
and when your gray skies turn a bright blue
you’ll know that the sun will be shining soon.

if you feel upset;
remember a funny, silly joke –
and that pain will never be the same
once you give your ticklish side a poke.

You can change just how you feel,
it is totally up to you;
Smile and laugh, sing and giggle –
such easy, little things to do.

Smile, when you’re feeling sad;
Laugh, when you’re feeling mad;
Sing, when you feel depressed;
Giggle, when you get upset.


Isolation’s Companion

You would think, that as a prisoner,
Incarcerated for a crime you did not commit,
Abandoned by loved ones who believe the imperfect jury,
And thrown into isolation for your inability to get along with the other inmates,
That you would feel lonely.

Sitting in a small, whitewashed room,
With a mattress and toilet as your only companions,
No natural light to cast shadows on the wall,
The opening and closing of the food slot in the door
being the only sound not created by yourself,
You would think that battling loneliness would be your greatest challenge.

But …
… you would be wrong.

For, you are not alone.
You have a constant companion.
Watching you;
Mocking you;
Judging you;
Questioning you;
Laughing at you;
And, waiting to take leave of you.

You are not alone.
You sit in one corner of the cell
and your sanity sits in the other.

And you wonder;
Which one of us will leave this cell when our sentence has been served?

The Blessing of Oneness

Where beginnings are synonomous with ends
Enemies are greeted as friends
Peace and harmony reign throughout the world
The ying and the yang are the boy and the girl

Where birth precedes death and death precedes birth
Love is the center of the universe
All of humanity is an organization of one
When one existence we leave into another we come

Where in the light of the night and the darkness of day
We all help each other in finding our way
Our differences are what makes all of us the same
Acquiring material wealth is no longer the game

This is our heaven right here on the earth
This is what gives our existence its worth
This is the nirvana we’ve all heard about
“Praise be to God”, are the words we should shout

Poets Who Write Love Poems

Love poems are not written by poets in love;
They are written by poets infatuated with the concept of love.

Poets write of their dreams;
Poets write with their imaginations;
Poets write of hope and fantasy.

Only poets who dream of love, write love poems;
Only poets who imagine ecstasy and passion, compose love sonnets;
Only poets who hope to love and fantasize about love’s allure, pen lyrics of love.

Poets who are in love write poems of butterflies, bubbling streams and blooming blossoms;
For, when you are in love, butterflies fluttering by fulfill your dreams;
Bubbling brooks of cool, effervescent water engage your imagination;
Fields of flowers in bloom with rainbow hues and fragrant bouquets are what you hope for and fantasize about.

Poets in love, live love and write about other wonders;
Poets dreaming of love; imagining love’s splendor; hoping and fantasizing about being paid a visit by Cupid’s arrow,
And, only those poets,
Write love poems.

The White Room

I was sitting in a white room at a table, on a chair
My mind was kind of fuzzy; I wasn’t sure how I got there
I was dressed in a white robe with white slippers on my feet
And I had a funny feeling, an Inquisitor I was to meet

Then a movie started playing on the wall in front of me
I noticed it was about my life from the day I was conceived
Some scenes made me giggle, some scenes made me cry
Some scenes were quite embarrassing, of this I will not lie

Some scenes made me happy, some scenes made me mad
Some scenes left me with a feeling that I hadn’t given it all I had
Then I saw a scene of a truck crashing into me
This was a scene for which I had no clear memory

Then the words “The End” were on the wall with a question mark at the side
And I knew a decision was to be made for which I must abide
I pleaded for a second chance to a judge who was not there
And promised that the mistakes I made I would like to repair

The room suddenly went quite dark and nothing could I see
Then slowly I became aware of tubes inside of me
There was a respirator down my throat helping me to breathe
I saw my wife asleep in a chair and suddenly I was relieved

I have never spoken of this room – this room that caused my change
Old friends that I once had, just think that I’m deranged
But now I am living scenes I won’t mind seeing replayed
When once again I’m in that room and the end can’t be delayed