Last Goodbyes


Kindred of the Pen

We embrace distinct perspectives
With different fabrics weaved into our souls
The steps with which we march forward
Are aimed at achieving different goals

Her religion is deeply rooted
Mine is mostly flawed
She worships the Heavenly Father
I have completely abandoned her God

Our paths crossed many years ago
Though the memories are faint
The faces that we wore back then
Neither one of us could paint

Though different be our politics
And collected experiences since way back when
Both of us gain solace
When crafting the author’s pen

Loved ones around us
Sing praises that come in faint
Wishing more would devour our words
Is our silently held complaint

Though dare we would admit it
Through the frustration with opposing views
Positive feedback from the other
We consider as welcomed news

So, write your words with passion
Though we may never meet again
In person or in ideals
As struggling authors we can be friends

Her Northern Hemisphere

It was winter in the Northern Hemisphere
Where her heart was as cold as ice
But, south of the equator
The topography was warm and nice

Whereas, he loved to travel south
Visiting as often as he could
Why the north was so unapproachable
He never quite understood

He made one last attempt to move up north
Looking for room in her solemn heart
Not having a key to the stone’s locked doors
He packed his bags and soon did part

The Monster Inside

You cannot run from the monster who’s buried deep inside;
From the demon in your soul there’s no place where you can hide.
You must strap on your armor and prepare to face your foe;
You must conjure up the strength to let your drug addiction go.

These battles have been fought and these battles have been lost;
These battles have extracted an enormously high cost.
But, these battles have been won by combatants strong and brave;
It never is too late for your worthy soul to save.

I will be there by your side if you’re ready for this fight;
I will help you through your day and watch over you at night.
But, to win this battle and the monster inside to slay,
You must be committed to fight this battle all the way.

Paths I Crossed

I came across a path of religious souls marching straight to hell;
The arrogance of their held beliefs had pathed the path so well;
They didn’t treat others as they’d like to be treated;
They expected everyone to behave like them;
They found that this wasn’t the intended word
When, finally, they had met their end.

I came across a path of diverse souls heading to the Pearly Gates;
They loved each other, were holding hands, no matter what their faiths;
There was no judge standing at the gate,
Just like they had not judged others on Earth;
Accepting one another for who they are
Is what the admission to Heaven was worth.