A Man Who’s Flawed

My face has been marred by un-cried tears;
My soul has been scarred from untold fears;
My heart has skipped a beat from love never shared;
In my ears, echoes repeat secrets from everywhere.

My past haunts me nightly;
Today no longer shines so brightly;
My future time appears slightly;
Mirrors somehow manage to always spite me.

Flames have flickered out;
Games were lost without a doubt;
Consequences have come about;
Broken fences let loved ones out.

And yet, throughout it all,
A life lived by a man who’s flawed,
I managed to have a ball,
Getting up after every fall.

So, blame me if you must;
Defame me for a broken trust;
Put a scowl on my sculpted bust;
But, know I enjoyed being a part of us.


Parallel Universes – A Strange Thought from a Strange Man

What if, each time we die, we enter into a parallel universe in which we didn’t die?

So, in one instance of existence, we did die and those people we knew, in whatever lifetime they are living, must continue without us, but in the new universe we enter into, we didn’t die and life goes on.

In our conscious existence, we may think we had some close calls with death, when, in reality, in a parallel universe it was not a close call … we really did die … and in that existence our loved ones continue without us, but in the parallel universe we moved onto we somehow survived and those same people, yet different parallels of them, continue on with us.

There may be multiple, clone-like, unconscious existences of ourselves, living in the parallel universes of people we know who died in our conscious world, but simply transitioned into their own parallel universes with a different representation of ourselves living with them side by side.

There may be parallel universes where the life expectancy is hundreds of years old and those who we thought died of old age, passed on into a parallel universe where they live on with many years still ahead of them.

And, those dreams we have that seem so real, are really small, unconscious portals that allow a peak into one of our parallel existences.

The you that I know and the me that you know, may not even be in the same conscious parallel; it may simply be the version of us that continues on in our consciousness, playing the part of the individual really living consciously in another parallel.

A hard concept to grasp … but … what if?

The Central Washington Blues

I am hitchhiking through Kittitas County
A tree appears nowhere in my sight
The Yakima Valley lies somewhere before me
I snuck out of Ellensburg last night

They call this the Evergreen State
Though you wouldn’t know that by the Kittitas landscape
Somehow, someone made a big mistake
Across barren lands from a lost love I escape

In a college dorm a coed lies crying
My education, I will not complete
To myself and to her I was lying
Now I return to Yakima on tired feet

So, if you’re driving through Kittitas County
And see a young man with his thumb sticking out
Should you continue to drive on right by me
Just ignore those angry words I shout