It is Easy to Believe in a Loving God

It is easy to believe in a loving God
When you eat three meals a day;
It is easy to praise his benevolence
When you have a church in which to pray;
It is easy to accept the Bible
And all the sermons that you hear,
When torture, pain and suffering
Are not the devils that you fear.

It is easy to blow your trumpet
When a roof hangs over your head;
It is easy to give the good Lord thanks
When kneeling beside a comfy bed;
It is easy to sit and wonder
Why not everyone embraces the Holy word,
When disparaging shouts of hatred
Are not every day being heard.

I’m not saying your faith is easy,
Or the product of a blessed life;
Just asking you don’t pass judgment
On doubters mired in strife.


New Years Eve in the ER

The doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room prepared themselves for the
longest night of the year – New Year’s Eve going into New Years day.

As morbid as it may be, they even had a pool going to guess the time of the first
alcohol related incident to come into the ER. He had 11:30. The clock showed
11:00. All was quiet, except for the broken leg in pod 1 as the result of a young
man falling off of a ladder putting up New Years decorations. This patient had not
even started drinking yet.

They heard the sirens in the distance as the radio call came in announcing two
ambulances were on their way with victims from a car crash – 11:15, Nurse
Thompson’s entry in the pool.

Dr. Sampson took the first patient, a 30-ish man, conscious with blood streaming
from his head. The smell of alcohol was prevalent. His patient was a young woman
on a respirator with IV’s already in place. Walking beside the rolling stretcher was
her husband, holding her hand, tears running down his face as he said, “We were
on our way here. Her water broke at about 10:00. This guy ran the red light and
slammed right into us. Is she going to be okay?”

An ER social worker took the husband to a waiting area as the doctor began barking
out orders to nurses and attendants in assistance.

The drunk driver, of course, would be okay – for some reason, they usually always

The husband and would-be father sat sobbing as police officers led the offender out
of the hospital and into their waiting patrol car. No word yet from the team working
on his wife and child.

He heard fireworks from outside the window in the waiting area and could hear a
few, “Happy New Years” being shared by doctors and nurses in the hallways.

New Years was also welcomed in in the Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone and
Pacific Time Zone before the doctor walked out to meet the husband in the waiting
area. The look on the doctor’s face said it all. The social worker joined them as the
doctor simply said, “I’m sorry. We could not save your wife – but your son is doing

The news crew that was at the hospital to report on the first baby born in 2015
decided to cancel their story. Nurse Thompson did not collect the pool money. The
father was led to a room in the maternity ward where he fed his new son formula
from a bottle.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will read this story and schedule to have a cab take
them home from the New Years Eve party and this story can remain a fictional tale.


There are people who are good at listening;
There are people who will only talk;
There are people who run every chance they get;
There are people too lazy to even walk;
There are people who have a giving heart;
There are people who take an awful lot;
But … these people are the best things that we’ve got.

There are people here to teach us;
There are people who just cannot;
There are people who can absorb
every lesson we’ve ever taught;
There are people who we remember;
There are people who we have forgot;
But … these people are the best things that we’ve got.

There are people who are always happy;
There are people who are always sad;
There are people who sow the good seed;
There are people whose seeds have turned out bad;
There are people worth a billion;
There are people who are worth naught;
But … these people are the best things that we’ve got.

It takes all kinds of people
to make this world spin round,
but, in my travels throughout this life,
there is one lesson I’ve always found;
Of all the world’s possessions;
Of everything in the lot;
People are the best things that we’ve got.

Down Into the Dreamland Go

Down into the dreamland go
Where chocolate waterfalls do flow
Where gummy bears hold hands and sing
Where all your wishes are topped with cream

Close your eyes and fade away
Until the dawn of a brand new day
Let fairy dreams and fantasy
Take you on an odyssey

And when you wake I’ll still be here
To hold you close and love you dear
And guide you through another day
Until your dreams come back to play

Lay down now, it’s time to rest
Your dreams tonight will be the best

Christmas on the Other Side of Town

No gifts under the Christmas tree;
His mother was mired in poverty.
“Next year, Baby,” his Mom insists;
He thinks he’s on the naughty list.

“Sorry Santa, I was bad,
Next year I’ll do better.
If you think that maybe I improve,
You can just use this year’s letter.”

“I tried real hard to be a good boy,
Thought maybe you’d give me just one toy.
I helped my Mommy the best I could,
She said she thought I had been good.”

“But, I guess you must have heard something else,
Maybe something you were told by your elves.
All of next year I will do my best
To end up on your good boy list.”

Over on the other side of town,
Another boy had presents plenty,
He turned to his Mom and Dad,
And said, “I know a boy who won’t get any.”

“Would you mind if I re-wrapped some gifts,
And we delivered them to his home?
I think he lives in a little house,
With his Mommy all alone.”

“I know there is no Santa Claus,
But I think he still believes.
I thought maybe for him this year
Santa could be me.”

His Mom and Dad gave him a hug
And helped him pack the car;
They drove to the other side of town
A trip really not so far.

He said, “Santa made an accident,
And left these under the wrong tree.
Imagine how surprised I was
To see they weren’t for me.”

The mothers hugged and shared a tear,
Watching the two boys play;
Both of them filled up with joy
On this wondrous Christmas day.

Salvation’s Sign

Tell me, father, what is in the sky
that is shining awfully bright?
Tell me, father, what is in the sky
that keeps us up tonight?

That, my son, is a sign
of salvation being born.
That, my son, is a sign
of God’s incarnate son.

Tell me, father, what does it mean,
what does that sign say?
It says man’s shepherd is born today
to lead us on the way.

Tell me, father, who are those men
that travel from afar?
Tell me, father, who are those men
following that star.

They, my son, are three wise men
who come to pay respect.
To our King in Bethlehem
that star, now they, direct.

Tell me, father, why do you cry,
why do your tears now flow?
Because, my son, God has sent his son
so to heaven we can go.